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Each energy healing session is tailored to the needs of the client, exploring how to find balance, calm and relaxation.

*  If you wish to have a session within your own home, travel fees may apply depending upon required travel time. Please email for details. 

Services: Services
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$50 (30 min)

Realigning your chakras promotes a sense of clarity, peace and overall well-being without needing to unpack all of the deeper or underlying feelings. Start with a chakra alignment if you are looking to explore more about Reiki, or if you need a quick tune-up in between full Reiki sessions. 

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$110  (60-75 min)

Your first session includes a Wellness Questionnaire and discussion based on your responses. We will review what you’re looking to heal and work through; this will also be important in setting up the blueprints to what you want out of receiving Reiki. Take-home extras may be added at the time of session, based on need.

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$80 (60 min)

If you just need to stop in for a tune-up, a single energy-healing session is for you. This will give you the clearing and balancing you need to bring your energy back up to speed. Please note – deeper or more intense concerns likely require multiple sessions to resolve and heal. Take-home extras may be added at the time of session, based on need.

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