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Describing my work in helping others made me want to ensure that I give people the environment that matches that immediate sense of joy that I felt the moment I realized that healing works for anyone - including myself. The name - "The Divine House"- evokes a sense of elevation and mindfulness, but also comfort and trust;  Divine, denoting the pursuit of self-improvement and destination – and House, creating a visualization of self and familiarity.

Join me and find that same feeling within your own pursuit - whatever it looks like, you'll find your way there.


Welcome! A little bit about me...

I'm a Reiki master, homegrown chef, equestrian, certified herbalist/forager, foodie, dog mom, financial services portfolio manager, yogini (teacher), wild dancer, sister and friend. Through a collection of experiences that lead to the art of helping others with healing hands, I've worked with men, women, children and animals to create a path towards healing one's own soul and finding spiritual fulfillment. My practices surround the idea that healing oneself, in addition to the mind and body, starts with the setting up the spiritual beliefs that guide you and support you where you want to go.

My goal is to help you identify your intentions and work through past and present energy through the use of Usui Reiki, yoga, naturopathic remedies and other energy healing modalities that can be used to complement western medicinal practices so that you can live a balanced and fulfilling life. I also create holistic-inspired recipes, which you can find here, at The Divine Kitchen.

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